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Coronavirus update: face mask mandatory in France 

Hi there,

When you are traveling to France in the next few weeks it’s good to know that it's now mandatory to wear a face mask in all enclosed public spaces in the country. The French government has made this decision to avoid a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak. 

For those of you who will be staying at Envie de Vivre: we are doing our part in making the house as safe as possible by cleaning very thoroughly with disinfectant before and after your stay. But when you go out to visit the town or shops, we ask you to follow the country’s rules regarding Covid-19 safety. 

This means: 

  • You have to wear a face mask when you go to an enclosed public place (shops, public transport, covered markets,..)

  • In public spaces where social distancing is not possible, you’ll also have to wear your mask

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone over the age of 11

  • Children aged 3-11 only have to wear a mask when they have virus symptoms (although the rule here is still that people with symptoms should stay home and self-isolate)

  • It’s prohibited to let children under the age of 3 wear a mask (they are too young to handle the mask safely and aren’t yet able to remove the mask if it poses a safety problem) 

  • Anyone caught without a mask will be fined €135

We will keep you posted if the French government decides to take further measures, but we advise you to check the news regularly before and during your stay. 

Kind regards,

The Envie de Vivre Family